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the world's first all-in-one  HVAC system, in a box

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Demystifying ZAMBA

Confronted with the growing challenges of climate change, HVAC equipment manufacturers and development industry stakeholders face ever-increasing demands to provide more efficient systems with lower environmental impacts. Municipal policies are evolving, setting carbon emission limits and requiring heat/energy recovery systems for energy efficiency. Markets are seeking superior HVAC products capable of maximizing space and operational efficiency, enhancing value, and introducing fresh, clean air - enabling occupants to enjoy quieter and more comfortable living environments.

With this ambitious goal at hand, our experienced team of innovators and engineers spent years researching, developing, and producing our innovative solution: ZAMBA.

Introducing the Future of HVAC

ZAMBA is the world’s first all-in-one HVAC system in a box, providing a decentralized, fully integrated heating, air conditioning and ventilation unit in a compact 8’’ (200mm) deep design. ZAMBA eliminates ductwork and drop ceilings, increasing floor to ceiling height and can be provided as an integral part of a prefabricated exterior/interior wall, capable of being configured to introduce outdoor air directly to the unit or via in-slab services.

ZAMBA is built to a Passive House level, using high thermal efficiency (>85%) heat/energy recovery. It contains a booster mode for ventilation and heating/cooling, and in addition to its free cooling capabilities, provides constant ventilation. ZAMBA meets and exceeds evolving energy and carbon policies revolving around reducing embodied carbon and enhancing building resilience.

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Zamba Benefits 2.png
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Innovative Technologies

Fan Activated Chilled Beam technology enables ZAMBA to operate with a high chilled water temperature of 55F (14 C) and low hot water temperature of 115F (45 C) making it an ideal temperature profile for a centralized heat pump system. ZAMBA significantly increases the mechanical system Coefficient of Performance (COP), provides superior comfort conditions (with optional radiant cooling and heating), and utilizes 25% of the air volume compared to a conventional HVAC system.

Modulating louvers and dampers balance the pressure differential between outdoor and indoor environments, effectively addressing “stack effect”, making ZAMBA an ideal application for high-rise buildings in any climate.

ZAMBA’s innovative design eliminates the need for condensate drain lines, and provides a dehumidification process for outdoor air.

ZAMBA has a sophisticated control system and sensor network to optimize operation and maximize comfort in the space. Units have integrated internet connectivity and embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) with behavioral learning allowing ZAMBA to adjust to occupant’s activity and respond to outdoor weather conditions. Additionally, ZAMBA enables remote data monitoring to anticipate maintenance requirements and manage alarm events.

ZAMBA operates on Low Voltage 24VDC, simplifying installation labor requirements and reducing liability and risk.


ZAMBA is ideally suited for new high-rise multifamily residential and hotel building applications. ZAMBA can also be used for retrofitting existing high-rise hydronic buildings, eliminating the need for costly piping and insulation retrofits, making it a cost-effective approach for decarbonizing existing buildings.


For the Planet

  • reduction of embodied carbon emissions

  • reduction of operational GHG emissions

  • reduction of Global Warming Potential

  • reduction of energy use

  • supports meeting environmental policy codes and requirements

For Occupants

  • heating, air conditioning and ventilation

  • whisper-quiet operation

  • highly efficient and optimized operation

  • monitoring of comfort, health and wellness

  • clean and filtered air

For MEP Engineers

  • complete comfort control

  • integrated controls

  • pressure independent valves included

  • elimination of condensate drain pipework

  • fully integrated HVAC system delivering fresh air to every room

For Developers

  • reduction of building height by up to 12’’ per floor

  • pro-forma optimization, (extra floor every 8 floors)

  • reduced overall building costs

  • time/cost savings in the design process

  • compliance with latest environmental codes, regulations and health & wellness trends

For Architects

  • increased floor-to-ceiling height

  • elimination of drop ceiling and ductwork

  • in-wall installation (saving floorspace)

  • in-slab services

  • aesthetic, customizable surface finishes

For Installing Contractors

  • prefabricated plug and play design minimizing labour and commissioning

  • reduced liability and risk

  • low supply voltage 24VDC

  • elimination of chilled water piping insulation

  • ease of start-up

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Additional Features

  • ventilation BOOST mode

  • radiant heating & cooling panel

  • bipolar ionization

  • 8’’ deep enclosure to fit any application

  • washroom exhaust as energy source

  • free cooling option

  • 24V modulating circulating pumps

  • vibration isolation for eliminating structural vibration transfer

Customizable Surface Finishes

Performance Data

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Zamba Benefits 2.png

Downloadable Materials

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